What if?


What if you wake up,
One fine morning.
And don’t find me
Sleeping by your side?
What if I wake up,
In the middle of the night.
And slip out of your bed
Walk out of your life?
What if I leave no clues,
And no riddles behind.
I’m playing no games,
I’m gonna feign no smiles.
What if I say no,
To all your smiles?
Give no answers
And leave no justifications around.
What if I tell you,
That I don’t feel the magic anymore.
All the pleasures are drenched,
And all my screams are dry.
All smiles are thoughtful,
All touches hold a meaning,
All reasons are excuses.
All actions are abuse.
I miss it all,
I miss it a lot.
Those moments of blind trust,
And uncounted purposeless awaits.
Those stupid ugly gifts,
Momentary thoughtless smiles.
Those sudden screams on streets,
And fighting each other, walking miles.
What if I start again,
Doing all that I used to?
Would you accompany me?
Or would you prefer your crew?
Would you wait again?
Again for me like you used to?
Or would you this time sound,
The other way round?
Would you tell me to grow up?
Or leave all my fantasies?
What if you’re not ready
To absorb me wild again?
Just tell me now,
Without thinking of your gain.
Just tell me whatever,
Truth’s hidden in your vain.
Just tell me already,
I don’t want to wait.
Just tell me now,
Would you wait for me till dawn?
Or would you walk out
On me like a con?

Muskan Arora