Psychotic love

Then why?
Why would you want to leave me?
Why would you go away at all?
You surrendered.
And you did with will and hope.
I promised to lead you and still do.
You promised to follow, my every command.
Like a wilful slave. Like the leaf to my branch. Like feather to my wing.
You agreed. You wanted to be lead. You wanted to be torn apart, into pieces that couldn’t be mended. You wanted to be crushed. To be owned. To be governed. You wanted to bleed. You wanted these wounds, didn’t you? You asked for them yourself. You wanted the pain and all the misery. Didn’t you my sweetheart?

Then why? Why my lady with grace, why would you want to think twice now? Why would you want to leave at all?
The leash was tight. Tight enough to not let you breathe freely. Tight enough to remind you that every part of you is owned by me.


And that’s how you wanted it to be. Yeah, that’s how you desired! That’s how I’ve been taught to keep you satisfied. Yes, exactly like that. And I definitely did not make a mistake. Of course, mistakes are your part of the story. I was born to make decisions. Decisions of the kind which need no approval. Decisions which do not involve the well being of two but one. Because one is greater and must be allowed to treat the other in desired sense.

Then why would you leave when we were at the peak of your dreams. The dreams I knew you had. The submissions that you wanted. They were all in your hand. Tied up. Tight like your soul. But that’s exactly what you wanted! That’s what you desired.
Then why would you look at the flying birds when you wanted to be caught? And caged forever! Why would you want respect when you wanted to be punished? Why would you want love when you sobbed for being dominated?

Then why would you want to leave when you were locked in your favourite gold chains? The chains that I specifically designed for you. The chains that had hidden thorns on the insides which only you cauld feel. The world would always appreciated the beauty of the golden stones around your petite body but only you know the red, blistered marks beneath them. Then why would you want freedom when you loved to be commanded? Why would you be thirsty of water when I fed you enough of wine?

Then why my lady love? Why would you leave me when I was all you wanted? Why would you cheat me and break your part of the promise? Why would you die when all you wanted was to suffer. When all you deserved was to get pumped. All you were good for was to get tied up and beaten. All you could do was make mistakes and anger your god. I was so good to you my darling. Then why would you take the pills to die?